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Heavy Duty Mobile Stud Welding System

Generator Stud Welding System

Generator Brochure

The TRU-WELD Diesel Generator is a fully-integrated, stud welding system that offers portability for your stud welding needs. This system incorporates a SC3400 Heavy Duty Stud Welder with its own portable power source, which enables you to finish jobs effectively and efficiently, without the costly task of disconnecting the power and moving the unit as the job requires.


  • Aluminum weather enclosure
  • Full sound attenuation
  • Critical Sound Muffler
  • Block engine heater
  • Battery charger
  • Electronic governor
  • Auto-start control w/over-speed and over-crank shut down
  • Automatic low-water shut down
  • Alternator w/Permanent Magnet Generator and Automatic Voltage Control
  • Two (2) 120 VAC outlets
SC3400 Arc Welder

Power 480 VAC, 3 Phase
Amp Load Capacity 300 Amps
Generator 256 KVA
Circuit Breaker 350 Amp (Main Line)
  • Diesel Mobile Generator
  • SC3400 Heavy Duty Arc Welder
  • TWE17000 Heavy Duty Stud Gun
  • 25 ft. 4/0 Ground Cable w/Clamp
  • 50 ft. 4/0 Starter Combo Cable
  • 100 ft. 4/0 Combo Cable
*** Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
TWE17000 Heavy Duty Stud Gun    Ground Cable

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