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Technical Information - Arc Welding Technical Information - CD Welding
Arc Welding Process CD Welding Process
Arc Welding Guidelines CD Welding Guidelines
Threaded Stud Weight Chart CD Stud Shipping Weights
Non-Threaded Stud Weight Chart CD Stud Load Strengths
Perry Stud Welding Spec Book   (***All-inclusive***) CD Material Capabilities
Spec Sheets - Arc Studs Spec Sheets - Arc Studs
Concrete Anchors (CA Studs) Reduced-Base Threaded Studs (TR Studs)
Shear Connectors (SC Studs) Collar Studs (CS Studs)
Thru-Deck Shear Connectors (DSC Studs) Internal Thread Studs (IT Studs)
Deformed Bar Anchors (DBA Studs) Non-Threaded Studs (NT)
Full Thread Studs (TT Studs) PSR Studs
Partial Thread Studs (TP Studs) Ferrules
Spec Sheets - Capacitor Discharge (CD) Studs Spec Sheets - Arc Studs
CD Studs (Flanged) CD Studs (Unflanged)
Spec Sheets - Arc Welding Systems Spec Sheets - Arc Welding Guns and Accessories
SC 1400 TWE Diesel Generator Stud Welding System
SC 1600 TWE-HD (TWE17000)
SC 2400 TWE-MD (TWE18500)
SC 3400 Arc Accessories Catalog
SC 3402 Arc Welder Comparison Spec Sheet
Spec Sheets - CD Welding Systems Spec Sheets - CD Equipment
TWE-250 CD Accessories Catalog
TWE-321 CD Unit Comparison Spec Sheet
TWE-375 TWP-2 Pin Welder

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