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Arc Stud Welding - Technical Information

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Fastener Design Ratio

Our experience has shown that to assure complete fastener strength development, the parent metal thickness should be at least 1/3 of the weld base diameter of the stud. For applications where strength is not the primary requirement, the parent metal thickness may be reduced to a minimum of 1/5 the weld base diameter. By staying above this minimum ratio, you will get complete cross-sectional-area weld fusion without burn-through or excessive distortion of the parent metal.

Recommended Minimum Plate Thickness for Electric-Arc Stud Welding

Base Diameter
of Stud (in.)
  Steel Without Backup
(in.) (gauge)
0.187 0.0359 20
0.250 0.0478 18
0.312 0.0598 16
0.375 0.0747 14
0.437 0.0898 13
0.500 0.1196 11
0.625 0.148 9
0.750 0.187  
0.875 0.250  
1.00 0.375  

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