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Arc Stud Welding - Technical Information

Threaded Load Strengths Construction Specs Fastener Design Ratio Arc Welding Guidelines

Arc Welding Guidelines

  • Set time for appropriate weld base diameter
  • Set amperage for appropriate weld base diameter
  • Positive ground
  • Align accessories so they are centered and adjust legs so 3/16 to 1/4 of stud protrudes beyond ferrule
  • Have a good clean ground
  • Work surface relatively clean so impurities do not affect weld
  • Keep studs and ferrules clean and dry
  • Test welds at beginning of each shift or change in stud. Bend two studs 30° after cooled.
  • Check burn off (1/8 3/16) color (silver blue & shiny) & 360° fillet
  • Visually inspect all welds

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