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  Arc Stud Welding Applications
Because a weld produced by the Arc stud welding process offers such benefits as high structural integrity, excellent productivity, leak resistance, corrosion resistance, minimized noise and vibration, and many other benefits, it has found extensive use in a wide range of applications, including:
  • Composite Construction - Shear connectors can be welded through metal decking or directly to the beam or girder in commercial building or highway bridges. The shear connector transfers the horizontal shear from the slab to the beam allowing a reduction in steel.
  • Transformers - Stud welding is used to attach components and cover plates on all sizes of transformers from the single phase pad mounted to large substation units.
  • Electrical & Industrial Enclosures - Arc studs are used to secure back plates and various components to enclosure without making the reverse side marking.
  • Power Generators - Boiler tubes may be studded when new or restudded when generators are down for general repair. The weld studs, normally 3/8 x 3/4" long are used for heat exchange, secure refractory material, and for increasing tube life.
  • Ship Building - Arc stud welding is used to secure wire bundles or hydraulic lines to the overhead or bulkhead. Also, used for the strongback application of lining up exterior steel plates.
  • Farm Equipment - fenders, brackets, cabs, spreaders, shrouding, thresher teeth, wiring and hose management.
  • Refractory Anchors - Stud welding is a fast and economical method to secure blanket, castable, or gunite refractory material.

  CD Stud Welding Applications
Providing fast welds on lightweight material with minimal distortion, CD stud welding is widely used in:
  • Restaurant Equipment - Stainless tables have CD studs applied to the underside to secure stiffeners, legs, drawer runner with no back side marking on the top side.
  • Signs - CD studs are applied to the back side of aluminum letters or internally in the signs to allow changeability.
  • Electrical and Metal Enclosures - Components are attached to the metal enclosure without marking the reverse side. The appearance is greatly improved and production rate is increased.
  • Electrical Contracting - CD studs are used to secure conduit and fixture to structural steel.
  • Conveyors - Stud Welding is used to attach fastener to half round runner bars. Weld Studs will not vibrate loose and leaves no area to collect debris.
  • Cookware - utensils, pots and pans, handles.
  • Insulation - Weld pins are used to attach insulation to metal surface. Self-locking washers are used in conjunction with the weld pins to fasten the insulation in place.

  Stud Welding Can Help You Reduce Costs
Where end joined components are required, stud welding can reduce costs through labor savings and material savings. Stud welding can speed up design time and application rates, and can eliminate the need for many common secondary operations. Bosses and spotfacing, counterboring, undercutting and manual fillet welding, soldering, drilling and tapping, riveting, inserts and special retainers are often totally eliminated. Yet in most cases the welded joint is stronger than many of those traditional joining methods.

A single operator -- working with a single system, from just one side of the workpiece -- can attach many parts each minute.

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